Smart Cities

Danaide S.A. has become the external source for several successful services currently being provided in the private and governmental sectors.  Its operational capacity positions Danaide S.A. to provide fully integrated solutions, from the provision of equipment and data links, to the operation personnel.  

Designing smart cities

One of the company's main objectives is to provide solutions aimed at the "Smart Cities" model, which represent the integration of different types of devices.

The main idea of this technology is to facilitate the day-to-day life of citizens, be it in the area of security, providing support to different government entities, or delivering data to streamline public transportation, among others.

These solutions necessarily include the integration of all types of devices and technologies in an interdisciplinary manner, including equipment such as video surveillance cameras, connectivity devices, geopositioning devices and a wide range of software solutions.

Real-time data, efficient decisions

At Danaide we believe that it is vital to obtain a continuous flow of data, as well as its interpretation in real time. That is why our technological solutions not only include state-of-the-art devices, but also the necessary software to analyze the data obtained by these devices. In this way we seek to respond adequately to the central needs of each of our clients.

También se destaca que estas soluciones, que apuntan al ámbito institucional, empresarial y gubernamental, buscan responder adecuadamente a las demandas básicas de cada uno de los integrantes de estos sectores. Our integral service provides the location of capture stations (cameras); recording equipment, communications, management and monitoring stations; management software and analytical software; data transport; and operation, administration and supervision personnel.

Integrated solutions for smart cities

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