Seguridad Pública

The Comprehensive Video Surveillance Plan of the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) is a project designed in 2019 with the aim of optimizing crime prevention tasks and generating more efficient investigative processes through the use of film evidence.

Public safety

Monitoring centers

This plan focuses on the use of technology to improve police operations through the incorporation of complementary systems.

The Ministry of Justice and Security of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires has put technological innovation at the service of crime prevention, which have achieved a superlative impact on crime reduction in the jurisdiction, an optimization of police intervention, and have made it possible to gather evidence for judicial action.


Incorporation of new technologies
Improving crime prevention
Providing optical support to security forces
Optimizing police operations
Gathering evidence for legal action

Constituent Elements of the Integrated Video Surveillance Plan

Implementation of urban video surveillance systems

La vigilancia remota proporciona información visual directa sobre infinitos puntos monitoreados, al margen de las condiciones climáticas y horarios, con un mínimo de personal de alta capacitación y a resguardo. Habilita simultáneamente la posibilidad del almacenamiento digital de los videos capturados, Danaide S.A proporciona soluciones llave en mano para la gestión de imágenes y la vigilancia remota mediante video.

Video Surveillance Hot Air Balloon

The aerostatic video surveillance system consists of a hot air balloon equipped with video cameras for real-time monitoring. This system offers an area view with a 360° viewing angle, which makes it an optimal resource for operational coverage in contexts of social protests, mass events, sporting events, among others.

Extension backpacks

This solution integrates a portable transmission device equipped with eight cellular network chips, provided by three different companies, which enable the use of 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi networks. In this way, the system allows the transmission of high-definition audio and video in real time.

Intelligent patrol cars

Patrulleros Inteligentes is a project implemented for the police, which contemplates the expansion of the surveillance and service capabilities of police patrol cars. This solution integrates video and audio devices, and complements them with access to monitoring networks.

Mobile Monitoring Center

The Mobile Monitoring Center is a security solution to cover all types of contexts. It consists of the implementation of two monitoring stations and a Videowall in a van. These posts, which are integrated to the camera network and the Central Monitoring Centers, have the capacity to operate the cameras that are being viewed, in order to complement the operational coverage of different events and situations.

Urban Video Surveillance Drone

The D.V.U. is a comprehensive solution for video surveillance in urban contexts.

  • Full-HD integrated camera
  • Zoom 30x
  • Object Tracking
  • Laser Rangefinder
  • Integrated megaphone
  • Range of 8 kilometers
  • 35 minutes of autonomy
  • Transmisión Encriptada
  • Fast recharging station

Artificial Intelligence Software

In our company we have the Development area, which works as an important plus in each solution, since it provides customized products to each client. Thanks to this aspect, Danaide is positioned as a company that provides flexible services capable of adapting to each specific need. Our professionals have the tools and know-how to design and conceive the necessary systems and programs to make each solution work correctly and efficiently, including VMS, management software and complex video analytics.